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Art has been there since the very beginning. A companion that never left my side, watching me in the distance even when I was doing other things. She waited quietly, patiently until one day she saw me in complete solitude. I picked up a brush and that’s when she leaned over and whispered, What took yah?


The one eye signifies the center eye, the mind's eye and my visual impairment. It became something of a trademark.



Native New Yorker, Benjamin Casiano is an accomplished creative director, designer & painter. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute

in Brooklyn, having always considered painting as his true passion.

His work, heavily influenced by renowned masters globally, combines elements of expressionism & neo/pop-cubism.

Inspired & influenced by the great masters worldwide, But it's the women that played a crucial role in his life, which is why he pays tribute to them with his paintings. Despite his tendency towards geometric & abstract shapes, a common theme in his artwork is

the one-eyed figure. This motif, symbolizing his alter ego, also serves as a self-portrait of his subconscious.

Casiano himself has shared, “I'm visually impaired from one eye, but the irony is I was painting figures with a single eye years before losing vision. Perhaps some kind of foreshadowing”. Despite this physical challenge, he has never allowed it to hinder his passion & dedication to art. Casiano's pieces have been showcased in galleries from across the U.S. ,Europe & recently acquired by an art museum in South Korea. He earned numerous honors, awards & worldwide recognition through global publications. His exhibitions span across various cities such as New York City, Philadelphia, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Paris & Oudewater, Holland. His works are acquired by corporate & private collectors worldwide. 

His ambition is pretty straightforward: To introduce something unique & unseen in the fabric of modern-day culture. He intends to do this one painting at a time. One exhibition at a time.

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